Cover Photo Maker

Easy to use cover photo maker for Facebook. We also have a comprehensive editable -free for commercial use- photo designed for Facebook cover background.

It is time to strengthen your social media presence! provides you with the power to create a creative and customized Facebook cover easily and free even for commercial use.

You will not find these features on other Facebook cover creator out there: No visible watermark or branding on final image, very fast and responsive, you can blend profile picture seamlessly with timeline cover background or in other words you can make your profile photo and cover look integrated as one image, you draw or add text, and many more.

We also have tons of cool graphic clipart from our partner sites which exclusively available only for our cover editor. You just need to browse them and copy paste the GRAPHIC ID of your desired image to our editor, and,.. presto!.. your chosen graphic is added and ready to combine with your photo.

Free Cover Photos

We have tons of free for commercial use photos where you can use to decorate your facebook cover. Each of the image is also editable, means you can put your own words, cliparts, etc on it.

Hipster’s desk

Do you searching for a modern and trendy looking Facebook cover that has a lot of space where you can put text? look no further, guys. This photo is a perfect for your Facebook cover redesigning project especially when you like hispter style. This picture has strong masculine look and feel due to the black […]

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Dark Sea Banner Background for

This picture of sea look dark, but yet still maintain the elegance side of its character: a mysterious place! So if you want to make your Facebook banner look cooler, this image is perfect for you. My tips is, If you want to put a graphical object on the foreground, make sure you don’t use […]

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Cool Pattern for Facebook Background

If you looking for a rather unique Facebook cover background, this picture is for you. It actually just an union sprout on the slicing board, but after some editing and composition it become a cool picture which has some kind of instagram style. There is so much free area on the right side where you […]

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Golden Mountain

It is fall season, and this means many Facebook covers will turning orange, and somehow It always related to pumpkins, yellowish leaves, and something like that. But this picture takes different approach to celebrate the autumn. Let just take the warmth of the color and put it on the stronger impact object so that your […]

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Ocean wave splash

If you are looking for a fresh Facebook cover, this background should be best for you. A freezing moment of ocean wave splashed on the rock somohow conveys a fresh emotional feeling. Can you also hear the sound? :). Feel free to use it for comemrcial use as this photo license is free.

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splitted land

This background has an eye catchy and unique look and feel. You may use it to create a metaphor for your message, or maybe for showing an emotion?. All is up to you, but one thing for sure is this picture license is save for commercial use. Have fun!

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Calm Sea

If you searching for best Facebook cover for showing quotes or saying, this kind of photo is perfect because it don’t have many distracting graphical objects. In other hand, the rock also act as complementary point of view after your text. You may use our other apps for building quotes: for best result. Have […]

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rainy evening with red umbrella

I know this summer is hot hot hot, but why not put this calming and soothing picture of evening rain into your Facbeook cover? the bokeh color tone with the umbrella even give more mellow atmosphere. If you want to put a text into this cover, the best place to add is on the right […]

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