Cover Photo Maker

Easy to use cover photo maker for Facebook. We also have a comprehensive editable -free for commercial use- photo designed for Facebook cover background.

It is time to strengthen your social media presence! provides you with the power to create a creative and customized Facebook cover easily and free even for commercial use.

You will not find these features on other Facebook cover creator out there: No visible watermark or branding on final image, very fast and responsive, you can blend profile picture seamlessly with timeline cover background or in other words you can make your profile photo and cover look integrated as one image, you draw or add text, and many more.

We also have tons of cool graphic clipart from our partner sites which exclusively available only for our cover editor. You just need to browse them and copy paste the GRAPHIC ID of your desired image to our editor, and,.. presto!.. your chosen graphic is added and ready to combine with your photo.

Free Cover Photos

We have tons of free for commercial use photos where you can use to decorate your facebook cover. Each of the image is also editable, means you can put your own words, cliparts, etc on it.

Winter with trees covered with snow

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dark heavy grunge pattern

Grunge pattern is somehow looks cool. It often used for band or music related design. This time I upload this style. A darker and black splatter brush that result a heavy grunge pattern. Enjoy! Oh one more thing, It is free for commercial use so you are free to use it for everything.

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classical music passion

Facebook cover that reflects classical music passion. the design has brown paper pattern with some grunge musical notes and piano tuts on the left. If you like and serious about music, then this Facebook cover is perfect for you. You can also put your own saying on it.

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Novara Banner

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Cute Guinea Pigs

How about adding some cuteness to your Facebook cover? This cute guinea pigs on the wood barrel is a perfect pic for that.

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Unique cover: colorful pencils

This Free for commercial use picture is really a unique composition for your Facebook cover. The arrangement of the pencils forms a tidy circle around your Facebook photo picture. This kind of picture will easily grab visitors attention. It is good for teacher, kindergarten or any other profession that involve fun drawing. This picture is […]

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vintage retro color stripes pattern

a pattern of vintage stripes on paper texture

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Butterfly on grunge wall

an image of butterfly on grunge wall. this kind of picture art is perfect for emo style or urban style. that dark-yet-shiny butterfly have a meaning of beautiful but dangerous stuff.(if you know what I mean). ¬†Use a gothic font available on the text art tool to put a message on the left side of […]

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