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Golden Mountain Facebook Cover

It is fall season, and this means many Facebook covers will turning orange, and somehow It always related to pumpkins, yellowish leaves, and something like that. But this picture takes different approach to celebrate the autumn. Let just take the warmth of the color and put it on the stronger impact object so that your Fb cover will not look too generic. Have a look at this majestic look of a golden mountain. Put any text there and it will be stronger message!

Click the photo to download Golden Mountain Facebook cover
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About: Facebook cover with picture of Golden Mountain

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About this Web Application:

Name: Facebook Cover Photo Editor 7168 Requirement: Javascript, Adobe Flash Player
browser requirement: Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera
Url: https://www.timelinecoverbanner.com/covers/golden-mountain-Facebook-cover/
App Description: Facebook cover creator with default background picture of: Golden Mountain
CONTENT RATING: G — General Audiences
Is Family Friendly? : Yes
CATEGORY: Multimedia, Graphic Design, subcategory Photo Editor, Social Media Template

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